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For my project, I made a candle for my grandma. I did this, because she likes candles, but she can't go shopping due to the virus. I put the candle on her windowsill. It will stay there for 72 hours, so that any virus on the candle will die, and then my grandma can take it inside and light it. I made the candle look good by adding fruits such as lemon, lime, and blood orange .These fruits changed the color of the color water to make the candle look better. The fruit changed the color of the water, and the fruit looked good on its own. I used citrus essential oil to make the candle smell good when lit. I used olive oil to make the wick of the candle float on the water, and I got the wick from a tea candle. I made the candle using instructions online about how to use a candle, but I chose the fruit by myself.