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Hot Air Balloon for small stuffed kangaroo animal

I made a model hot air balloon to make my grandma smile. The materials I used were a leftover balloon from my dad’s birthday, a styrofoam cup, a stuffed kangaroo, 4 small scraps of ribbon and string. I used a hole puncher, tape and scissors. First, I took the cup and punched 4 holes equally spaced apart. Second, I took the balloon, flipped it upside down and taped the 4 ribbons onto the balloon. Then I put each of the ribbons through the holes in the cup and tied a knot on each ribbon on the inside of the cup. Then, I made a loop (to hang the balloon) in the string and tied the string onto the part where you blow into the balloon. Lastly - my favorite part - I took the kangaroo and placed it in the cup/basket.