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My project brings happiness to people through dance. Dance has scientifically been proven to have therapeutic benefits for the body and the mind. The purpose of the dance exercise workshops that I initiated in person and via Zoom calls (Covid-19 adaptation) at senior centers, rehabilitation centers, and schools was to positively impact the physical and mental health of those who lacked such opportunities to relax, in a constructive manner. To create an inclusive atmosphere, I incorporated upbeat music and interactive dance-related games to make members of my workshop feel comfortable and not secluded as they may have felt before. To reach a wider audience, I started workshops in dance schools and started a dance club in my high school. I created an app and a website that has dance tutorials and instructions for dance related games for people with internet access. Here is a video that details the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6x56Wlxm_k&feature=youtu.be