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Whenever I go out, which is almost never, I see people, and on those people's faces, are, well, masks, But under that mask, I assume it's a frown. Whether the frown is from worry, or dread, or despair, it's a frown nonetheless. For the most part, I've been a creative person, making ridiculous creations digitally or in reality. I know. Quarantine stinks. There I've said it but sometimes a little self-isolation can bring out the best in us. And I know that people are getting annoyed from continuously hearing "We're in this together," but the truth is, we are. And for some people, COVID-19 is the least of their worries. They have much bigger problems on their hands, and with fear and illness sweeping across the globe, maybe, just maybe, the world could use some positive ridiculousness right now. So that's what I did, And I’m not finished yet.