My non-Edible space object is a robot and it helps plant seeds. It runs off of solar energy. The robot does all the work, all you have to do is add more dirt, and there is a back up dirt system. You would need a sunroof over it to provide light. I plan to make my irrigation buddy out of recycled materials like plastic, canned bottles and wrappers. This protects the system and you can bring the irrigation buddy with you on the moon or wherever you are going in space. Also, my robot provides a very good food source. The plants grow quickly and the robot makes sure that the plant is planted right. The robot has four compartments the very bottom for the seeds, the middle full of dirt, the top layer for the system, and the very top [mouth] has water and another system in the mouth to provide the right amount of water while you plant. There is another option, you can charge it instead of having solar energy. I would enjoy using it and you would too!

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