This Nutrient planter was designed to be used on the Moon, and was made to be printed on a SLA Printer. Everything will be printed out of a clear resin to allow light to shine through. The design was made in mind that there would be printed supports in the bottom angled part of the pot, but those were not included in the design to make it easier to see what was going on and how the pot was designed. The design was based on how you can grow plants in a nutrient soaked material, instead of dirt, as long as there is a steady flow of nutrients. The four holes on the sides of the planter will serve as a nutrient input, and the one hole at the bottom will collect the spent water. There is also a slanted bottom to ease in the water traveling to the hole. The four holes on the top will provide room for the plants to grow out of. Each plant has a self contained compartment in the planter, allowing one plant to be pulled out at any time without any roots being intertwined.

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