Imagine going for months without any fresh fruits or vegetables. This is a reality for astronauts traveling and living in space. Produce weighs a lot and does not stay fresh for long. Astronauts only need a 3D printer, a feedstock of plastic, a drill to create a hole for the seeds, some soil, and seeds. But let's face it astronauts have better things to do then plant a garden. They need to make it fast and efficiently. The full design includes a 4 in. x 4 in. x 4 in. canister with a planting tool, a trowel to use with the canister. The trowel cuts through the soil and the canister on the tool drops the seeds into the soil. The canister must have a hole drilled into it for the seeds to be placed and smaller ones for the seeds to drop from. The trowel must be positioned so the soil is separated first. Then flip the tool and run it across the soil to cover the seeds. I believe the Easy Planter will keep our astronauts strong and healthy during a new era of space travel.

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