Hello this is a presentation of the M.U or Magnetic utensenal. My design is a magnetic plate.This will make space travel much easier to get comfortable while eating for the astronaut. The M.U is used when you're eating on lower gravity place like space travel or for mars .M.U Has one part to it which could be melted down and injected into what you're eating.The bitcoin will be explained Very fortunately this other function is very important. The M.U would have a kinda weak magnetic force,but it could be increased by enlarging the plate. As you our in space you will loss muscle dency because you don't use them.The M.U would help with loss of muscle loss and thing like that.The way M.U would help with loss of muscle is it would require you to use the muscle. This would only slow down the process almost to a grinding halt.Long term effects their our nun the side effect is you might sweat a little bit from using it.Thank you and i hope you've enjoyed my story.

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