This Bioreactor Ornament is designed for an expedition to Kepler-186f, an Earth-like planet taking many generations to reach. My design is part of a spirulina harvester system and is printed with translucent filament. The leaf spoon is used to eat with. The bottom chamber grows spirulina algae and has tubes for the input and output of C02, water, and oxygen. The middle piece snaps the system closed so it can circulate. When the divider is removed, the bowl above is nested and pressed into the chamber. The decorative holes allow the algae to be filtered into the bowl. The the algae “tea” stays in the bowl due to surface tension and could be ceremonially passed from hand to hand, connecting the generations who never experienced Earth, to tea ceremonies, ancient algae harvesting, and each other. Spirulina has many health benefits, such as vitamins and improves muscle strength. The designs on the bowl are inspired by Japanese nature patterns that bring cultural comfort into space.

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