The Plant Grower is to be made on the Moon, from semi-clear plastic filament made from insect exoskeletons, and the pockets are to be filled with nutrient-rich dirt. This can advance long-term human space exploration by allowing astronauts to grow their own food on the Moon, giving them the ability to start a colony on the Moon! It could even help create a colony on the Moon by growing food! To use, open the lid of the plant grower, put some dirt in each of the eight sections, and plant seeds or pre-grown plants. Remember to water it every day and keep it in a place with air! When you are done, you may notice that the plants have not instantly grown. This is because growing plants takes time, and can take up to a year, but most of the plants you will be growing will not take that long. You could grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and many other plants. This could save money, time, oxygen, plastic, and fuel. With all of those savings, this could allow mankind to go where never before!

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