If humans go to Mars or any other long distance mission astronauts will have to grow their own vegetables. The best way to do this in space is by using hydroponics. This system, called an aeroponic is the most high tech hydroponic system. It is also the most water and nutrient conservative type. My aeroponic setup consists of three 5" x 5" cylinder components that could be glued together using a recycled glue. My aeroponic does not include the sprayer, water pump, hose, and water recollection system. Here's how it works. In the planter section, the plant roots hang down through a net in the center. In the root containment section, a sprayer sprays the roots of the plant for a few seconds every couple minutes. In the water tank section, water is pumped out of the bottom of the tank and into a hose that supplies the sprayer. I believe that aeroponic systems like mine can advance human space exploration by conserving water, soil, and using recycled materials to be printed.

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