The Cup in 38% is a cup with a snap fit cap. The cap has a hole in it for drinking. This is meant to be in a 38% (Martian) gravity, and to be printed on Mars. The material it is going to be printed with is glass, which can be found abundantly on the surface of Mars in the form of silicon dioxide, which is fused into glass. The reason this is going advance long-term space exploration is when the astronauts need to drink, they don’t have to use special tubes or liquid bags. Because of the 38% gravity, you may think the water will fly out of this cup, and get all over everything with a little bump! However, the hole minimizes any spillage! Also, when people know they will never come back to Earth, they may want objects that are like what is back at home. This cup may help them remember a mug and feel at home.

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