This is a bowl designed to be used in micro-gravity. On the side, there is a handle encircling the body which will be connected by a plastic cable to the bottom of the bowl. When someone begins to eat their meal, the handle will be near the top of the bowl, but as they finish some food, they can pull the handle down so that there is less empty space for the food to be floating around in, allowing the diner to enjoy their meal without having to be fishing for the little morsels. There is also a piece, bellow the grip, that is connected to the lid on top. The end of the piece can be connected to the bottom half of the lid so that, when you pull on it (the piece) the bottom lid will recede and the diner can grab a bite. Once they have taken out some food, they can release the piece and the lid will close, keeping food from floating about their environment.

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