The Modifiable Harvester can be modified by sliding the tines along the channel and then locking them in place by pulling the tine forward. To use it, find the crop you want to harvest, slide the tines on each side of the crop so the crop is in between the tines, then finally, pull up. This tool is made for using it where there is gravity. There is also 2 boxes on top of the other 2 cubes that the tines are sliding on. You can put almost anything in the box. There is also a lid on the box so nothing falls out of it. The handles on the back of the tines are used to unlock the tines from the lock. You would need this in space because if the astronauts are low on food from Earth, they could harvest a crop with The Modifiable Harvester. It would be useful to be able to print this because it is adjustable for various stem sizes. You would use filament made out of gravel from the Moon or Mars.

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