The Ultimate Wall-D has these abilities such as; compressing trash from the astronauts, cutting large pieces of trash to compress creating easier compressing, mobility with the option of being a remote controlled droid and/or carried object, the accessibility of being able to measure with the built in measuring tape and weighing trash, or rocks by using the lid which is a scale, and the objects used to go into the holes can be changed to different tools, allowing different uses for this Wall-A. The Ultimate Wall-A is a 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 box shaped compressor. The overall weight of the design should be around 5 pounds to 15 depending on the attachments and materials. The lid of the compressor, would have the cutting blade near the end that can switch with the proper sliding, and within the lid there would be stands that would allow the lid to act as a table stand for the option of weighing items.

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