The Splash Slicer is a knife that uses water to cut food.There is a fan inside it so when you turn it on by pressing the button the water will be pressurized and it will cut your food.You can make it with plastic or rubber.The height is 3 ⅜ inches, the length and width are both 3 inches.The Splash Slicer can be utilized on any planet or moon.You can do that because it is meant for use in the kitchen. This knife will insize your food in a entertaining way that is undemanding. When water is constrained enough it can cut through almost anything.This is food related because it slashes your food with water. The Splash Slicer has the capability to be powered by light. That way you can conserve energy and not waste batteries.If you are in space you want to save as much energy as possible because you may not have a plentiful amount.As long as you are in a kitchen that has light you can use the Splash Slicer.The Splash Slicer is compact so it can fit in your pocket and take it with you.

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