My tool allows you to use a fork, spoon, and knife all at once in space. The utensils are an all-in-one device so that they don’t float around much. My invention works in a unique way. The gray screw that is sticking through the top of the tool comes all the way to the bottom of the device holding the utensils together, and the rings connecting the utensils to the tool allow the utensils to twist around so you can select one and push the others to the back. If you need a spoon. You can push the fork and knife to the back and use just the spoon. By connecting three utensils together on the same device all you will have to do is grab it and use it as opposed to juggling multiple utensils at each meal. There is also a ring attached to the bottom of the tool so when you are using it you could attach it with a cord to the dining table so it will not float away. I think that my invention will give astronauts an easier way to eat, while making meals more enjoyable.

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