On space missions, water is always packed, but because of its weight and density, only so much can be brought along. This is the solution. Using the same laws of thermodynamics that creates 'sweat' on a cold water bottle or glass, this will generate condensation, to be collected in a cup you place below. All you have to do is put a non water-based cold object in the large tube, like dry ice. Then, the temperature difference between the tube and the air will cause floating water droplets to condense on the tube, dripping down into a cup that you place underneath. It prints in two easily assembled pieces, along with a extra piece that you can slip in between the top and bottom pieces to hold the water in the collection bowl. It would work best printed out of any metal, which conducts temperature better than other materials, but it could be made with plastic if it is easier. This is intended for use on any planet, especially hot ones because it will create a bigger temperature difference.

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