The Travel Pot You may think that a flower pot can't help grow food in space. But the travel pot can grow food in space. It is a flower pot but with an small air sealed dome above it and a cap on it to reach inside. It also has a light in the back to warm the plant but in order for it to work someone must add a light. The is also a small round thing on the side to place a battery to make the light bulb work. and there is a tube on the top. It leads to a small sprinkler that will sprinkle out water onto the plant. The weird figure on the side of travel pot turns is a solar panel that turns on the light of the plant.This is a great tool for space because it grows food. It takes a one year to get to mars. So that whole year they will eat most of their food so they should grow food so they don't run out. Also growing food on a planet like mars is hard because plants need carbon dioxide to live. But the travel pot keeps the air and carbon dioxide inside it.

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