The Multi-Purpose Mug is designed to advance human space exploration by helping astronauts living on Mars drink hot or cold beverages, make coffee or tea, measure liquid for cooking or scientific purposes, and water plants. The mug’s design consists of two parts, a mug (blue) and a strainer (purple). Both parts would be printed together from a food safe and high temperature rated material like PETG. The mug is double wall insulated so that it can hold both hot and cold liquids. It has a see-through section that allows the user to measure how much liquid is in the mug. It also has a pour spout/straw in the mug’s handle. With the strainer in, a pot of coffee or personal cup of tea can be made and no grounds or leaves will get into the drink. A personal cup of tea is made by putting the leaves into the small section of the mug and drinking from the large section. A pot of coffee is made by putting the grounds in the large section of the mug and pouring from the pour spout.

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