I have created the Regrowther. It's purpose is to elongate space exploration by providing an unlimited food source/drink source. Specifically it gives you both seeds to plant new fruit and juice to drink. One pro is that my mechanism can be used in all environments and can be taken to any terrestrial planet. The feedstock used to print this object will be all recycled materials. The juicers and all parts of the mechanism that keep the Regrowther together will be made of plastic, so as to not collect rust and not be easily breakable. There will be a layer of cloth under the juicer in order to let the juice through and catch the seeds and peel. The cup will also be plastic but it is optional to use it. I hope you find my mechanism useful. Instructions: 1.Place cup under cloth 2.Place fruit in the juicers or the two pieces of plastic at the top of the machine 3.Put seeds in soil and place the peel in separate piece of soil to decompose.

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