My 3D printable insect farm is made for 3D printing on Mars. It will help long-term human space exploration by making life better in space by raising palm weevils to provide the astronauts with food. Doing that will make life in space better because you don't have to waste money by sending food to Mars. Palm weevils are a better food source than other animals because they take up less space and they are more nutritious. Palm weevils have many nutrients in them such as potassium, iron, several amino acids, and fatty acids. The insect farm will be printed with the remains of the palm weevils by grounding up the exoskeleton of the weevils to make a plastic like filament. (some of them won’t be eaten). My design has a lid with triangular holes and them and the chamber is a hollow 6 x 6 x 6 inch box.

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