This garden snail habitat is to be used on Mars in a controlled environment with some gravity. It can be printed with PLA. The main body is the largest part and is hollow and open on the top. It also has a small hole in one side. The next part is a hollow cylinder that fits into the hole on the side of the main body. Slide the cylinder half way into the hole in the main body to start assembly of the project. The next part of the project is a small cube that has a hole in one side of it. Slide the cube onto the side of the cylinder that is outside of the main body. Finally, put the screen on the shoulder in the inside of the main body. This design is a small version of the snail pit. You could print it bigger. The snail pit is meant for about 4-5 garden snails. To take care of the snails spray the inside of the snail pit with water about every 6 hours and feed each snail one tiny cube of cucumber every 24 hours. To eat the snails, use the knife included to pry them out of their shells.

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