My design is intended for micro-gravity space travel. If a liquid is released into a micro-gravity environment, it begins to float around in surface-tension-orbs. The Micro-Gravity Fluid Collector (MGFC) can be used to easily capture water orbs and then efficiently release them, minimizing strain on water reclaiming systems throughout the ship while still maintaining loose particles. The MGFC works by taking advantage of the water's surface tension to trap the water between its collection columns. Then, by sliding the bottom tray up, the user can scrape the water off of the columns and into the desired location. The bottom tray (which is slightly elevated in the image to illustrate its ability to slide) sits flush with the column base, to maximize the column's surface area when collecting water. The MGFC is a compact, efficient tool for liquid-food-waste relocation that allows the user more accuracy when collecting and releasing fluids.

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