The APGC (or Adjustable Plant Growth Chamber) is designed for colonization of Mars for use in growing edible plants for the Martian colonists to eat while they are living there. There are two parts to the APGC: At the top, there is a hole for a Raspberry Pi which will control LEDs that will be used for artificial sunlight. The APGC is also designed with two types of sensors; one monitors soil moisture, and the other monitors air quality. At the bottom are four holes that will hold soil packets to grow vegetables or plants. The APGC should be printed with leftover (inedible) plant material (cellulose) held together by a binder. Seed supplies will not need to be replenished often, because you can harvest the seeds from the plants. Plants grown in better conditions are more nutritious than the same plants grown in worse conditions. The APGC ensures that the food grown is the most nutritious.

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