This object is a unique spork. The purpose of it is to pick up your food to eat. It’s a half spoon, half fork and is a type of utensil. It’s going to be made out of metal, because you want it to be hard and not weak. It will be much easier to pick up your food to eat, not like plastic. It’s thicker and longer than a normal spoon or fork. This makes life much easier to hold and catch food that might be floating away. This helps solve the problems caused by using your hands to pick up your food, like your hands getting dirty.It will be used in space, on the moon, Earth, and other planets, almost everywhere. It’s much easier than using a fork and spoon separately. You can have both of them on one object. The spoon half is used to pick up semi-liquid such as soup, ice cream, cereal and some tiny food. The fork half is used for solids but can’t be lifted with liquid such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. Finally, I hope that people can use it some day and it will make life easier for them.

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