The BFB stands for Biodegradable Food Bag. This bag would replace the current plastic bag that space food is sealed in. Right now trash in space is a big problem because it takes up so much room. The BFB would work by putting the food in the bag, sealing it up, and storing it in a dark area away from UV light. What is so special about the BFB is that it would be made of a flexible plastic created with fructose (a type of sugar) that would break down in hours when put under UV light. It would also contain a small amount of nitrate in it. This is because there are bacteria that use this to complete the composting cycle without causing bad smells or removing oxygen from the air. Another benefit of the BFB is that you could have the option of composting it or reusing it. To reuse the material to create more bags (or anything else for that matter), it would just have to be exposed to UV light to break it down. Then it would be ready to be reused!

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