This project requires an extended period of time to reach its maximum potential and therefore would be ideal on-board a spaceship designed to reach Mars. On its estimated 6 month journey, this ecosystem would provide astronauts with fresh honey, numerous opportunities to recycle their waste, and upon a successful landing on Mars, a scientifically proven way of fertilizing large amounts of crops in a micro-gravity environment. All of these characteristics place this elaborate project into several of the themes presented such as waste disposal, insect housing, and farming in space! My 3D print consists of five 1-by-6 inch honeycomb section in which bees would reproduce, make honey, and live during the mission. These honeycombs would be secured in a larger container and can be easily duplicated using by various pieces of the astronauts waste as 3D printing filament including used plastic, metal, and duct tape. I believe that this project is essential to long-term human space exploration!

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