The Seed Tessellater is designed for living quarters on Mars. The base (with the tabs and indents, no handles) is designed for starting seeds. It is printed using a biodegradable feedstock made from the non-edible parts of plants. It can attach to other makes of itself using the tabs and indents, allowing for any amounts of seeds to be started at a time. Seeds are planted in the base, and once they have grown strong enough, they are planted right into a permanent growing area. With water and possibly worms in the soil, the base will degrade away to leave the seedlings to grow. The insert (with the handles and holes) is designed for sprouting small seeds, such as alfalfa, for eating. The seeds go in the insert and the insert goes in the base. For rinsing the seeds, the insert comes out and is rinsed under water. The holes allow drainage. Once rinsed, the insert goes back into the base to catch any drips. When used for sprouting, the Seed Tessellater is printed from regular feedstock.

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