Spirulina can provide many health benefits to astronauts during space travel or on an extra-terrestrial base. It can be grown in the Spirulina Farm under LED lights in the six translucent inner containers with a growing solution. The fresh algae are separated from the solution by centrifugal action. The hand-cranked centrifuge has a gear train and three sets of ball-bearings. Most of the growing solution is spun out into the outer containers, along with some spirulina culture for further growing. The inner containers can be removed and used for making spirulina-enriched drinks by adding a juice. The containers have a mesh, which allows the water to go out while the centrifuge is in action, but will not allow the drink to spill in microgravity. The twelve containers, which can be twisted into place, have screw-on lids on the bottom. This project requires a dual-extrusion printer that is capable of printing with both HIPS and a translucent, food-safe ABS filament.

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