Here is my idea - The Astro Martian Mini Farm - for growing fresh food on Mars for our astronauts good health. Mars gets less sunlight as it is away from the Sun compared to the Earth. So this Martian Mini Farm has a magnifying glass to collect sunlight and direct it to the plants. Also Mars has one hundred times thinner atmosphere than Earth. So, I added a pump to periodically pressurize the container to about 1 tenth of the pressure on Earth, which is actually good enough for plants to grow. But if the pressure gets too much, there is a valve that releases the pressure. Plants use carbon dioxide to create oxygen so astronauts can take advantage to collect oxygen and breath. There is a slant hole in the base to put soil into the pot for the plants and to water the plants. As this Mini Farm doesn’t have any electronic parts it is easy to 3D print and use as many as needed. Soft glass or transparent material extracted from the martian soil can be used to print this mini farm.

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