My main creation is the Ploe. A mix between a plow and a hoe. (Kind of like a spork!) This invention will be used on Saturn's moon Titan. This 3-D printed masterpiece will enhance astronauts ability to grow crops for generations to come! The Ploe is an easy way to use a hoe and plow in one. All you have to do is flip this machine around and you have another tool (Much easier than overloading yourself with different tools!). In addition there is an empty container to hold whatever you want while planting! After I thought of the Ploe, I stumbled across a big problem: How can we grow crops on Titan? After a little bit of brainstorming, I came up with the Indoor Rain Biome which is to the side of the Ploe. (The Rain Biome is only a model size.) This will be a humid swampy biome. A nice feature to this, is that the water (with ground up dead fish for the plants to grow) will raise to the top of the biome, and rain down on all the crops for them to grow. :) By: Explorer :)

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