Food preparation in space is very hard and takes a lot of time to do. In space it is different. Right now astronauts are using an oven and microwave to prepare food. But wouldn’t it be easier if there was a way to re-hydrate and heat up your food at the same time? The Astronauts would use this food preparer to allow water and heat to combine and go through a tube to heat up a freeze dried package. There is a tank on the inside where the water is stored and a button on the top to heat up the air in that tank. Once it is heated up to the correct temperature there is a plunger that you push down that will take the water and heated air and it will go through a tube and the tube will attach itself to the food package. The tube with the heat and water will heat up the package and make it a regular meal in space. This will make heating and re-hydrating easier for astronauts. This would be used on the International Space Station for food preparation.

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