My 3D printed project is to be used on Mars at the settlement. It grows seedlings inside of it as it composts leftovers. You first need to put the leftovers in the container until it’s about half full, then you add Earth soil with seeds. As the food rots, it dissolves and feeds the plant so it grows. When the plant is ready, the whole thing is planted in the greenhouse and the container is eaten by bugs so there’s no waste! The filament is made of a starch, like rice, so the bugs could eat it and so light can come in. This filament will be special because the starch won’t rot with the food. The lid is designed to keep in moisture from the food and there is a port for bad air to get out so it can be collected for other uses. The container and the lid are both pentagons because it makes it much easier to print. The lid can be printed beside the container so it’s all printed in one session. This project is important for astronauts because it feeds them with plants and recycles food waste.

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