The Martian Plant Vessel (MPV), designed to operate in both microgravity and the greatly reduced gravitational environment of Mars, will provide a stable source of plant growth for consumption by astronauts on their way to the red planet, as well as upon their arrival. The principal part of the MPV is where soil and seeds can be placed while the holes act as a filter, only allowing residual water and other particulate matter within the soil to be collected in the tray below. In addition, the MPV has transparent walls utilizing T-Glase filament, which will therefore require a dual extrusion printer, with the other filament being strictly non-toxic ABS. The multiple bars running lengthwise of the lid allow an electrical source of plant light to be placed in it. Moreover, the long stick will allow for a vertically extendable lid, giving room for plants to grow even further. A numbering system printed on each MPV and notches indicating height further simplifies the documentation process.

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