My design is for long journeys through space, like an expedition to Europa. The bowl will be printed out of recycled plastic waste on a spaceship. The bowl’s function is to help astronauts mix spices or small foods together. The lid slides in and out of the bowl’s slot, allowing astronauts to control the size of the opening to make it easier to remove or insert foods in zero gravity. Astronauts can also completely close the bowl by sliding the tab of the lid to the other side of the bowl, pivoting the lid and closing off the gap. Astronauts can use it to shake and mix spices or other small foods easily in the zero gravity, spicing up their diet. My design is inspired by a replica of a Romanesque fruit bowl. While Europe may only take a decade to get to, the Space Spice Bowl will be useful for other longer space expeditions that may take multiple generations. The artful design of this bowl will help tether space bound humans to the rich cultures of planet Earth as they start their own.

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