The X1 Bioreactor is a Bioreactor designed for life on Mars. It would be used to grow algae to then make biofuel to power rockets and spaceships. You would also use the algae as a source of nutrients. When the algae finishes growing you would be able to compress it and extract the natural oils it contains. This oil could be processed into fuels. The X1 Bioreactor itself will be printed out of recycled plastic waste (like plastic wrappers and one use plastic containers.) This will be useful because having to bring filament with you to Mars takes up space and adds unneeded weight to the spacecraft. You would also run out of filament after a while, so being able to print with recycled plastic material would be a big benefit, and a great way to reuse plastic and not waste material. The X1 Bioreactor consists of a lid and a container, the lid has 3 small holes in it. The largest hole is for the stirrer (not included), the other two are for the feeding pump and the carbon dioxide pump.

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