The food fryer The food fryer is an innovative cooker that allows you to deep fry your food in space! It is powered by solar rays in which heat up a metal bar that then travels into the vege oil chamber which then fries the food you put in the top of the device. There is a unique top mechanism that involves a hinge,a flip lever, and a pin to lock the top while the food cooks. There is a hinge in which the flip lever is on so it can be easily moved and then back again. There are metal rods in which run through the chamber where the oil and food is placed that will heat the oil to fry the food. After the food is heated you may take the food out and then proceed to eat your meal. In case your oil goes bad there is a holder where more oil can be stored. Then ran through a tube into the chamber in which the oil will heat up. The food fryer will be printed from metal and will be cool on the outside as it will be hot inside. To make the food crispy.

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