The Conduction Dehydrator is a fruit and vegetable dehydrator or dryer. Dehydrators dry out fruits and vegetables to preserve them, so that the food can’t spoil or rot. My project is to be used on a planet close to the sun (Mercury or Venus). My design is better used on a planet close to the sun because the project uses thermal energy and if the sun is close to the device it will make everyone's life easier. The device will advance long-term space exploration because it will allow astronauts to have enough food to survive in space or on a planet. The preserved food will be almost like backup food to make sure the astronauts have enough. Preserved food stores longer and as the astronauts grow food they can immediately dry it out and have extra food on hand. When you insert the food into the device you are able to leave it outside or inside. The device will absorb the thermal energy from the sun and dry the food.

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