The Mug Bug is an idea that I had to make steering a mix drink easier. I don’t know about you, but I hate when I have chocolate milk, or hot chocolate, and after I finish it it has lots of extra powder from the mix. Well The Mug Bug is here to help! The Mug Bug is just like any other mug, but at the bottom it has a knob that you would twist. That knob is connected to a spiral that goes inside of the mug. So when you spin it, it will get all the extra stuff at the bottom off the bottom and mixed into the drink. Does my idea help space problems? It doesn’t only help space problems, it helps problems down on Earth. The Mug Bug can be used anywhere! Space, the moon, Earth, the sun… Wait no. That would be a bad idea… That is why I had the idea of The Mug Bug.

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