The shape of my Knife block is a rectangular block with the front top corner cut out where you can hold your sharp knives, 10 by 4 ½ by 6 inches. The knife block will be filled with all of your sharp knives that you don't want to keep in your drawers. The smaller knives will be held near the bottom (which is in blue), where you can hold your paring knife, serrated utility knife, boning knife, fluting knife, peeling knife, and the trimming knife. In the upper part of the Knife block it will hold your bigger knifes (which is in red), where you can hold your chef's knife, bread knife, cleaver, cheese knife, decorating knife, and grapefruit knife. These slots are this way so your knives are neat and easy to find. My final 3d product will be made out of a wood filled product from colorfabb, because most cutting blocks are made out of wood or stainless steel. This will be a good item to use in a spacecraft so you have somewhere to hold your sharp knives to prepare food.

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