Astronauts in space can't season their food traditionally, since the grains would float away and endanger them; however, the Spicer fixes this problem, and is a great asset to those going to Mars on the Orion. Made out of the cleaned, recycled food packages, it's a stiff, hollow tube that snaps onto the hydration tube used to rehydrate the food. Once a dissolvable capsule, or more than one, filled with any spices they wanted, is in it, and it is attached to the hydration tube, astronauts would just hydrate their food like normal, the capsule dissolving in the water which then distributes the spices into the food as it hydrates it. Both ends of the Spicer are mesh to allow water and the spice solution through, and to be sure no water leaks out, there would be a leak proof seal, just like that on the hydration tube already. Plus, it can be recycled, or more food packages can be recycled, to print more Spicers as needed when needed, and it will make eating in space like eating at home.

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