My idea will make it easier for Astronauts to cut their food.The way astronauts cut food now is unconventional, and this way is cutting it in a gallon sized bag. This idea will allow the Astronaut to keep all the food in one place, the material allows for the Astronaut to easily see all of their cuts, and it will be reusable. Instead of bringing multiple bags, just bring one box for cutting and use it multiple times. This invention is designed more specifically with a space station or free space colony in mind due to the lack of gravity, but it could be used on a moon or a planet with low gravity. The specific material used to print this will be Printoptical Technology. It’s a clear plastic that is 3D printable. It will allow the astronaut to see the food that they’re cutting and seeing their cuts prevent them from cutting themselves. The holes and their covers allow for arms, food, and a knife to be put in the box, but it also allows an easy way to contain the food once done cutting.

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