The SpaceBowl is a container used for salads and other foods usually eaten from a bowl. In the future, astronauts will grow their own fruits and vegetables on board their spacecraft. The SpaceBowl is printed out of a flexible, rubbery material. Since it is flexible, it can be turned inside out for cleaning. It can also be used for other small items. It is a sphere that is 5 inches wide, 5 inches long, 5 inches tall, and hollow. The containment hole does not allow food to float out. The containment hole design is inspired by fast food restaurant straw holes. Food like salad can be stuffed into the bowl, but will not float out unless you catch it inside of the SpaceBowl with a fork or spoon. It can be stored by folding it, or Velcro can be put on the slightly flat bottom to attach it to space station walls. The SpaceBowl advances long term space exploration by helping people in zero-gravity eat healthier foods; healthy bodies support healthy minds.

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