Plowl The Plowl is a plate and a bowl with a spork, but newly designed spork. The plate and bowl will be attached to each other but the spork won’t be attached. The Plowl can be used for many things, and can be used on the Moon. With the printer on the Moon this will be a very helpful idea. The Plowl has a bowl on the top, that can be used for drinking, eating many foods that require a bowl to be used. The plate is on the bottom used for eating many foods like steak, and pizza. The spork can be reused as a spoon, for your bowl or plate and and the fork can be used for your steak with your plate. The feedstock needed to make these items is reusable garbage, or plastics for the Plowl. This can help save and recycle a lot of recyclable items on the Moon because the Plowl uses the recyclable items. This can save a lot of room in the space shuttle, and can make many items for the Plowl. This can help save many plates and bowls because this has both of them in one.

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