The Tortilla Holder is an invention that can hold a tortilla in place while the user adds his desired toppings on the tortilla. Typically, the size of tortilla is 6 inches in diameter. I came up with this invention while watching videos of astronauts preparing their meals. While they add the toppings, the tortilla simply floats away which is a problem that I speculated for them. The invention comes with a half-round ‘lip’ in which the tortilla is inserted to hold it in place. After the user finishes adding toppings, the tortilla can simply be pulled off from the open end. There is a hole on top that can be used to store the butter knife for convenience. The butter knife goes into the hole at a maximum of 3 inches and is stopped by a guard in the middle. There is a 3-inch handle in the back of the tortilla holder to allow users to hold it. Users can attach a double sided tape at the back handle to position it on a flat surface. This design is suitable for use on Earth’s moon.

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