The wood chipper 1401 is a wooden container used to cut up bugs and and other insects to be eaten in outer space. The wood chipper 1401 is a 6 by 5 by 4 inch container that can be taken anywhere you go.The wood chipper 1401 is a very easy tool to use and easy to wash. The wood chipper 1401 also has a basic design so it can be used by anyone, the outside of the container has a pair of knobs on both sides and two blades on the inside. To use the wood chipper 1401 you start pouring whatever you want to eat inside and spin the knobs on the outside of the container manually to use the blades. To clean up after yourself you simply pour water inside, shake it up a little and drain it. The shape of the container is for spacing different things, so when you start pouring things out everything won't be in one big blob. The reason for why this tool is called wood chipper 1401 is because it's made out of wood and the way its used makes it like a wood chipper. The 1401 part is a secret.

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