The Cosmic Tumbler was designed with low-to-no gravity environments in mind. Made with recycled plastic, the front end of this cup is tapered off to create capillary action so that liquid inside the cup may flow freely toward the user. There is a straw also, and a top that can be closed to prevent wandering liquid from getting too far. It doesn’t have to be liquid inside the cup either—just about anything snack-sized could be toted around. They save space without being a waste of space too—instead of hauling around many different water pouches, astronauts could just refill their tumblers. With these cups, the explorers of mankind’s last frontier could travel with life-giving water (or other food items!), drink in a way that takes into account their gravity-free environment, save space by not using individual packs of water, and save our own world down here by recycling plastic waste and turning it into something useful—like Cosmic Tumblers.

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