The Modular Housing box is a unit used to house bugs, Specifically Tenebrio Molitora , or The Mealworm Beetle . Each box can house hundreds of these bugs .Each box is capable of being stacked vertically, one atop the other. Not being a snap fit, the boxes have a high tolerance , low wear and tear, and can be used for years . Each box is carved with ten etches in the bottom to allow airflow while in stack formation. Each box is also compatible with a lid used for the top box or in the case of non stacked boxes . The beetles larvae (mealworms) housed in this box are extremely tough, light, and extremely nutritious. The mealworm can eat just about any biomaterial , and produce from that a fine and rich fertilizer, used for growing crops.With one generation of bugs you can start a whole farm in a matter of months .Proper livestock and crops can be grown on Mars making colonization a possibility

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