What good is food in space if you can’t eat it? Because of the micro gravity environment on the International Space Station, astronauts have trouble keeping food on their spoons without it floating away. The Space Spoon is a special utensil that helps prevent astronauts losing food from their spoon. This spoon has a specialized cover that prevents this problem. Once assembled, the handle on the spoon has a turnable shaft inside, that when turned, folds a cover over the open top of the spoon to protect food from floating away. Assembly is quite easy, once printed. First insert the smaller spoon bowl inside the larger bowl so that both are concave and fit snugly together. Then slide the shaft through the handle of the spoon. Fit the dovetail end of the shaft into the keyhole of the smaller spoon bowl, creating one piece that is turnable. Then turn the inside spoon bowl on top of the spoon as a cover and eat the food without it floating away.

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